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Most frequent questions and answers

A: Most of our materials can be used with PreK to 8th graders. 

Most of the materials will be no prep resources. Each month, you will also get a book companion and a digital download in the form of Google Slides or a Interactive No Print PDF.

All materials are open-ended and can be used to target any skill. The materials are not skill specific.

Each month, you will get…

  • Themed Wordlists
  • Monthly Parent Newsletter
  • 2 Sessions of Materials Each Week
  • 2+ Digital Materials Included
  • BONUS: Monthly Book Companion

The Simple Plans included in this membership are the ones from SpeechTherapyPlans.com. However, this membership does not include digital or general plans like SpeechTherapyPlans.com

If you are a SpeechTherapyPlans.com member, do not get this membership as you already have access to the materials.

Each Sunday, you will receive an email with the weekly plans. You will also be able to access the weekly material in the membership. 

A. Of course! Just log in, go to your account and click cancel!

Due to the digital nature of this membership, we do not offer refunds. 

Email us at Jennifer@SpeechTherapyPlans.com